We have been active since 21st January 2011. Health Point Anion Ltd. has continuously strived to improve the products and make them more reachable to every individual. Our product range keeps growing and quality follows. This will remain our golden rule.






Anions, also known as negative ions, are all around us. They have numerous benefits to people and can be considered vitamins in the air. Have you ever wondered why we feel better and energized in nature, in a forest or by a waterfall? This is because these environments are loaded with Anions.

On the contrary, places like big cities with pollution have an excessive amount of cations known as positive ions. Such environment is not the best for us and it justifies the requirement for balanced amount of Anions, which is rarely found there.


  • They adjust the stimulation and inhibition of the central nervous system
  • They improve the ventilation functions of the lungs
  • They reduce blood pressure
  • They stimulate the formation and development of various blood cell types, they normalize the blood ingredient and help reduce inflammation
  • They enhance the function of spleen which contains infection-fighting white blood cells, controls the level of blood cells, filters the blood and removes any old or damaged red blood cells
  • They promote the immunologic (anti-virus) function
  • Anions (super oxide anion free radicals) have high bioactivity, which plays an important role in sterilization
  • Anions can promote the generation of lymphocytes, one of the five types of white blood cells
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